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5 Main outer watch parts

The Basic element of all watches will have.

A Watches have 5 main outer parts. They are Case, Dial, Hands, Crown Strap.


Watches Case is the home and the spirit of the watch design .

Case is the home of the watches movement. The case holds the inner working parts of the watch. Depending on the style of the watch, the case is usually made of stainless steel, because steel is resilient, handles light shocks that the watch could receive, and doesn’t tarnish. Cases can also be made of precious metals like gold or platinum, and can even be made of plastic in sports watches.

Watch Case can have various finishes and colour to give the feel and design of the watches in way. They come in polish, smooth, matte, or a combination of any of those.

Dial - Face of the watches

Dial is the indicator of the time and also the design of the watches face. Dial displays the time, if a watch without Dial, just like a man without spirit.

The dial is where the watch can be the most expressive. It is the flat surface beneath the glass/crystal, and can come in many color options, textures, and materials. Dials can use Roman numerals, Arabic numbers, or even more simple stick bar markers to indicate the time.

Hands set

Hands set show the original, of the watches design style, and tell the different from out watches.

The hands, usually broken down into hours and minutes, indicate the time. The hour hand is usually shorter in size than the minute hand. The hands can also have a slight design to them..


Crown is use to adjust the time, more like a command center of your watches. This little Knob at the side allow your to set the time, date sometime help you to wind the mainspring on mechanical watches

Crowns on water-resistant watches screw down into the case. The crown can have embellishments like precious stones, to indicate luxury and attention to detail.


The strap/buckle secures the watch to your wrist and there are a number of materials commonly used for these parts. Leather straps range from calfskin to lizard and more exotic offerings like ostrich, alligator, crocodile, and even toad. Instead of a strap, a metal bracelet is a popular option. Other options are nylon straps (for sportiness), satin straps (for dressiness), and rubber straps (for diving/watersports). Most watches allow straps and bracelets to be interchangeable so you can dress it up or down when you want to change the look of your watch.

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